Software Engineering Degree Apprentice, Shop Direct

From building websites in his spare time to building customer experiences for one of the UKs biggest online retailers

Jack Benson – Software Engineering Degree Apprentice, Shop Direct

We grabbed a few minutes with Jack Benson to find out where he gets his drive, entrepreneurialism and passion for degree apprenticeship. Jack has been working in and around retail since he was 16, although working in shops gave him a good understanding of traditional retail it was digital that really peaked his interest. Along-side his part time work whilst at school Jack was busy building websites for local business and was so successful he made a small business out of it for himself. It then came time to decide what to do after college and like lots of his friends, Jack decided to head of to University, however he quickly realised this wasn’t for him. As a person used to ‘doing’, he found the theoretical elements to his degree didn’t suit his style. So in true Jack style he decided to do something different. He knew he wanted to work with technology and saw an advert for a Software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship with Shop Direct and hasn’t looked back since.

Jack now works across the website and the mobile app, he has spent time working on the detail of the checkout experience and is now working across the whole digital customer journey.

However, there is more to Jack’s role than heading into the office each day, he is also studying for his degree and has 1 day a week dedicated to university. His course at Manchester Metropolitan is perfect for Jack, the right mix of theory and University and putting it into practice back at the Shop Direct Head Office in Liverpool.

Being at the front of some of the UKs most innovative digital changes is super exciting for Jack, he loves the role that he is doing and credits the great mix of people, projects and ambition as to why he enjoys it so much.

His advice to anyone thinking about a similar career to him is to ‘get interested’, Jack’s passion is boundless and so we know he really means this!

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