Home Category Director, Shop Direct

Mike has been using data to tell stories for 15 years and now he is leading a team of 60 to take very.co.uk to the next level.

Mike Wheeler – Home Category Director, Shop Direct

With 15 years under his belt Mike Wheeler knows a thing or two about online retailing. When Mike started as a Digital Marketeer he knew commercial acumen and turning data into action where going to be two very valuable skills, and it seems he was right, they are two things he still uses today.

As Home Category Director, Mike has a team of 60 people who are responsible for product development and sourcing, stock management and enhancing the customer offer. Mike’s role is to set the strategy for the department, design and communicate the vision, deliver performance, respond to the trading needs of the business and keep the Executive Board up to date with all of the progress the team are making.

A huge part of Mike’s role is to take the data from each part of his team and turn these insights into stories that will determine actions and drive business decisions. What this means in real terms is that the feedback, sales information and customer insights that can be gathered about products in the Home Category will paint a picture of performance that will then determine whether a product returns, is discontinued or is redeveloped.

Mike’s credits much of his success at Shop Direct to the opportunities that have been afforded to him, from collaboration between departments to cross-business projects. He has had the chance to learn new, non-role specific skills and this has supported his personal development.

Demonstrating value, embracing and expecting change and making a difference are all things that Mike really believes can make a difference to your career, from what we can see if it looks like it has worked well for Mike!

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