Superdrug Brand Ambassadors & the Vegan Pop-up Shop

Meet the Brand Ambassadors of the future.

Helen Flaxman - Senior Customer and Communications Manager at Superdrug

So what does it take to convert a single tweet into a vegan pop-up experience? Back in January 2018, Superdrug received a tweet suggesting a vegan only product shop might be a good idea, fast-forward and they have now, successfully run their first vegan pop-up shop at Boxpark Shoreditch.

When thinking about who fits the bill of ‘Brand Ambassador’ it’s pretty varied at Superdrug and this is why…

One of their fantastic customer service agents in Liverpool spotted a tweet asking about a vegan only product shop, knowing how passionate and committed to delivering vegan products the company were, they shared this tweet internally.  The idea was discussed with their PR agency ZPR, a creative concept was agreed and a working party was formed to deliver the new store. Once the project team had the go-ahead from the Executive Board, they set about bringing a selection of over 300 vegan products that Superdrug have been making under their own brand ranges to consumers.

The home of the pop-up shop was chosen as Boxpark Shoreditch, and so began the hunt for Superdrug employees who were as passionate about customer service as they were about veganism. The new style of setting for the shop allowed the passionate and knowledgeable staff more time with the customers to enhance their experience and talk all things Superdrug and veganism!

On the 21st March 2018 the doors to The Little Vegan Pop-up shop opened and so did a whole new world of what it means to be a brand ambassador at Superdrug. Whether you are front line customer service in Liverpool, working for head office and passionate about what drives the ethical side of the business, part of a dynamic and fast moving project team or one of the lucky few who got to work in the shop, meet the customers and promote vegan products being a brand ambassador at Superdrug comes in many forms of the leaping bunny logo!

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