Deputy Store Manager, Mummy and Degree Apprentice

Paige is leading the way in store management, work place study and being a role-model for her daughter.

Paige Twidale  - Deputy Store General Manager, Asda, Halifax

Paige Twidale is somewhat of a maverick when it comes to balancing her full-time role as Deputy Store General Manager at Asda in Halifax, studying for a degree apprenticeship and being a mummy to her daughter Olivia. To find out how she manages all of this, what drives her to keep going and why she is so brilliantly we bold we asked Paige to give us a quick run down of all things work, home and study.

As part of her role at Asda, Paige is responsible for all things ‘Food Hall’ the Asda store in Halifax is one of the biggest in the region. The focus is around ensuring the customers have a great shopping experience, on the job coaching with her team of section managers and as she puts it ‘generally making sure Asda - Halifax is a great place to shop and work’. Since moving from her role as People Manager for Asda - Dewsbury and starting her degree apprenticeship there has been a real shift in her work and she is now not only looking after her colleagues, Paige is also responsible for business operations and sales of this mammoth store.

We wanted to know more about the pioneering work place study that she also manages to find time for. Paige is 2 years into her 4-year degree apprenticeship with Asda and for someone who never thought they would do a degree, she seems to be doing a rather good job of learning, earning and bringing back her knowledge and sharing it with colleagues as well as applying it to her work environment. The apprenticeship is being run by Asda and learning takes place at Manchester University, with an additional 20% of her work time dedicated to completing her degree.

As if all that doesn’t sound like enough to keep Paige busy, she also fits in school runs, reading time and spelling practice with her daughter Olivia. Paige is driven to be a strong and brave female role model for the next generation of women like her daughter, not only is she tenacious, curious and extremely determined, she is also one of the most personable, friendly and sincere people we have had the chance to interview. Paige is testament to the opportunities available within retail and is, by definition the future of retail careers.

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