Food Production to Product Development

Putting your customers at the heart of what you do; Life as Senior Product Developer

Lucy Frodsham – Senior Product Developer - Confectionary, Co-op

For Lucy Frodsham it’s all about putting the customers at the heart of everything that her and her team do. After 4.5years at the Co-op and being promoted to Senior Product Developer in that time, Lucy knows only too well the importance of working as a team to get the best results.

In her role Lucy is responsible for food products classed as impulse and seasonal events. Within the seasonal events part of her role she gets the chance to work with PR, Marketing and Design to make sure that her food products are what the customers want, but also, crucially that they have a place within the whole range for that season.

So how does she do it? Well for Lucy communication is key, whether that’s communicating with her team, managing internal stakeholders or working with external suppliers, everyone needs to know what’s going on.

With her background in product manufacturing and her unrivalled desire to create the best products of the highest quality Lucy is excited to be working in a field that is at the forefront of the future for the Co-op customers. And her to anyone thinking about what to do as a career “Find a role that interests you, something that excites you, that you think you could enjoy”.

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